ACCA FM: Individual Learning Plan

• Kaplan learning materials in digital form
• Preliminary knowledge assessment (test graded by a trainer)
• Individual training plan designed by a trainer
• Video workshops covering 20 topics
• Individual 45-minute consultations on each essential topic
• Group Q&A session – optional
• Group session analyzing the results of Mock Exam 1 – optional
• Follow-up exam (Mock Exam 2) with further recommendations

The video workshops offer you:
• Overview of key theoretical aspects of the exam
• Examination of practical tasks for all exam topics
• Mastering a successful exam preparation strategy
• Getting familiar with the structure of the exam and the requirements of the examiner
• Recommendations for effective time allocation at the exam
• Recommendations for obtaining the maximum number of points
• Overview of CBE-format functions

Video workshops:
Life Hacks for Successful passing of FM exam
1 Financial management and environment
2 WC management: Inventory control
3 WC management: Receivables control
4 Cash management and COC
5 Investment appraisal, NPV, IRR, DPP -theory
6 NPV, IRR, DPP. Real exam questions
7 Investment appraisal under uncertainty
8 Cost of capital. Equity
9 Cost of debt. WACC calculations
10 Business valuation and market efficiency
11 FX and IR risk hedging
12 FX rate forecasting
13 Basic investment appraisal
14 Borrow to buy and lease decision
15 EAB, EAC, capital rationing
16 TERP calculations
17 Convertible bonds calculations
18 Dividend policy
19 Operating and financial leverage
20 Tax relief and tax shield

Cost from: USD 670 (discussed)
20% VAT will be added to the cost

Check with the program coordinator for information on ACCA registration and exam fees.
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